Conscious business consulting

Don’t leave your values at home!

We offer private consulting programs for small businesses looking to integrate their progressive values into their business operations.

There’s so much to think about as a business owner. And it’s easy to become so focused on the work that you do, that you lose sight of your personal value system and the things you believe in. This can leave you feeling guilty and out of alignment with your authentic self.

But the thing is, not only does integrating your passionate beliefs into your business FEEL GOOD, it can actually help you GROW your business by attracting customers who are like-minded.

When we work together, I give you full permission to bring ALL OF YOU — including your progressive values — into your business, instead of leaving them at home.

It’s not as hard to do as you think

I can help you:

  • Define your values and goals as they pertain to your business.
  • Design and run a business that is in alignment with your personal beliefs, even if this is a new concept to you.
  • Develop new tools that empower you to make meaningful changes in your business.
  • Update your operations and systems in alignment with your values.
  • Transform the current culture within your company making it more sustainable.
  • Make the big shift you know is needed to improve your impact on your business and the
  • world.

Sometimes when we create our business, we isolate who we are as individuals from the work that we do. This can create a feeling of disconnect for these different parts of ourselves.

In our program, we focus attention on the disparity between how you are currently doing business and your personal belief system. We then develop a Strategic Work Plan to implement changes that enable you and your business to be a functioning and unified whole.

The ultimate result is a business that is sustainable in all ways. Because when we combine our own authenticity (who we are) with what we feel most passionate about (what we do), our potential is at it’s highest and our businesses are at their best.

When we allow our values to shine brightly through the work that we do, it is an opportunity to be seen for what we believe in and who we are and that is just a beautiful thing.

You CAN run a business that aligns with your values.

How does it work?

The Conscious Business Consulting program is a series of one-hour sessions over a 6-week period during which we explore the following:

  • Personal and Business Values Clarification- 2 sessions
  • Current Goals Analysis- 1 session
  • Business Evaluation- 2 sessions
  • Strategic Work Plan- 1 session

Who is this for?

Businesses who:

  • care about the world and making it a better place
  • are looking to infuse more meaning in their work
  • Are interested in exploring the intersection of values and business
  • Want to use their platform to create change
  • Activists doing business

Other services

  • Ongoing coaching services
  • Brainstorming sessions

Contact us for more details.

Stephanie's well-thought-out and incredibly helpful program was just what I needed to take my business to the next level. I gained tools to improve my success, daily operations, bottom line, and most of all my ability to incorporate my personal values into my business. I feel much more confident that my business will flourish and grow in the best way possible. I wish I had worked with her a year ago.

Daniella, client

The most rewarding part of working with Stephanie on the Conscious Business Consulting program has been in identifying the sleeping challenges facing my business.

A week after I completed the CBC program a crisis hit the partnership. Were it not for the work Stephanie did with me I would have been unprepared, startled, and unable to respond from a position of strength. Because of the CBC program, I entered the crisis with great confidence in my values and the way that they support the good parts of my business.

Conrad, client

I loved getting the opportunity to collaborate and experience coaching with Stephanie. She is a good listener, connector, and has a lot of knowledge about how to be an activist and run your business at the same time. Whether you are emerging or seasoned, she will stand by you as you put yourself out into the world, and encourage you to push through the moments that are uncomfortable and celebrate your successes.

Eden, client

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