Workshop Series

Business development through a progressive lens

We curate workshops, offered to the SBAN members and larger business community, providing a wide range of learning opportunities to enrich us all.

  • Learn specific new skills to grow your business from social media to copywriting to financial planning
  • Develop your skills as an entrepreneur
  • Connect with a community of like minded business people
  • Learn more about the relationship between your business and your value system

Last Thursdays of the month. If you’re interested in leading a workshop, let’s talk!


9/28 | Writing a website that shows who you are and what you stand for

Join Bay Area copywriter Gio Marcus for a workshop on website messaging, marketing, and standing out by being yourself.

If you’re a business owner you need a website that shows why you’re the best one for the job—with less heavy marketing-speak and with more of a human connection. So how do you write about what you do in a way that gets people excited because you share the same values?

The best websites are ones that have personality and sound like you. They’re not long. They’re not complicated. They don’t require long hours and months of you crumpling up draft after draft. And they’re not hard to write if you learn a few key things about writing a mission-based website.

Gio Marcus founded Ruby Scribe Writing to help business owners make an impact with powerful words that inspire customers to stop everything and pay close attention. Powering an international roster of multi-six figure clients, New York Times bestselling authors, and business owners, Gio has also taught hundreds of business owners how to write their own websites and marketing with equal parts sales skill, soul, and grit. 


10/26 | Standing out in social media

Running a small business in San Francisco is challenging enough, why stress over social media? Social Media Strategist Carrie Swing will show you how to stand out in the social landscape and get your story out to your next client. From stories to livestreaming and everything in between, you’ll come away with actionable steps to make sure your next post is the one that gets you noticed.

Carrie Swing is a marketing consultant and writer who started her firm, Carried Away, in 2001. Blogging, podcasting, social media and retail pop ups are all part of the mix she uses to help creative people share their stories. With degrees in Anthropology from UC Berkeley and an MBA from Golden Gate University, she is honored to share knowledge through teaching and public speaking. A dancer since childhood, she performs traditional folk dance in several parades a year and coaches middle school cheerleading. She loves Jell-O and vintage clothes, and in her spare time she’s an 80s vinyl DJ. She loves coffee. 

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